17 July 2015 Kat Selvocki

Strengthen Your Outer Hips, Part 2

Check out how steady standing poses can be–this is totally possible for you, too!

If you watched the video in my last blog post about how to strengthen your outer hips, you might have wondered how to use those moves while you’re actually, you know, doing yoga. This video will show you!

You’ll need two blocks–or two stacks of books–and a folded up blanket or towel for this practice. You can use this to get ideas to add in when you take yoga classes or watch yoga videos, or you can do it on its own as a quick practice! (Note: if you do not want to kneel, skip to the second half of the video for some standing moves.)

This will all help create stability, which will help your balance–and you know that’ll be useful on the track! Bonus: when these muscles are all working they way they’re supposed to, you’ll be less likely to compensate and overuse others.

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Kickit’s style is really accessible, and the instructions are clear and for various levels. Big Banger recommends it. – Big Banger, Nashville Rollergirls

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Want your body to move better so that your muscles and joints don’t feel so abused? If you already know a little yoga, Flat Mat Regionals is your jam. With four weeks of yoga sequences designed specifically for roller derby, your grumpy knees and hips will be ready to roll again starting January 4.

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