Hey there and welcome to Flat Mat Yoga!

I’m Kat Selvocki, and this is where I teach.

I teach roller derby skaters, rock climbers, runners, and anyone else who wants their yoga with less woo and more sass. You won’t hear chanting around here, or even the Sanskrit names for postures.

What you’ll get instead: Safe and inclusive space. A better understanding of how your body moves. Less pain and creakiness. Silliness and sassiness. A rad online community.

And of course, you’ll be even more badass.

First up, you’ll want to snag your copy of A Short Guide to Your Roller Derby Hips.

Don’t play roller derby? Don’t worry: you’ll still find the yoga practices hella useful!

Second, you’ll want to check out at a few of my popular articles and videos.

And last but not least, you might want some no bullshit yoga and meditation practices to do at home.

Whether you’re looking to start a yoga practice, need some videos to do on the regular, or want some guided meditations to help you get focused, I’ve got you covered.