28 October 2015 Kat Selvocki

Low Back Pre-hab

If you’ve ever felt like your low back would never recover after practice, this video is for you.

A lot of times, the response to low back pain is to strengthen the abs, whether that’s with crunches, planks, or something else. The thing is, if you’re not also teaching your low back muscles how to support and stabilize, it’s going to cause a different kind of imbalance. It can also be super helpful to start with something a little less aggressive–as much as you might want to dive right into the tough stuff. Baby steps, y’all.

In the video, I’ll guide you through a therapeutic yoga move that’s meant to gently strengthen all of the muscles around your midsection.¬†You know, those muscles that just happen to help you:

  1. Stabilize while you’re skating and taking hits
  2. Maintain good form in your derby stance, so that your low back doesn’t feel terrible after¬†practice

I demonstrate the movement both from kneeling and from sitting on a chair, so if your knees say, “Hell no!” to putting any weight on them, you’ve got options.





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