I believe that taking care of ourselves is an important part of taking care of our communities. With that in mind, at least 10% of Flat Mat’s program sales will always be donated to an organization that supports marginalized populations.

Take care of your most important piece of gear–you–with these Flat Mat programs.

Flat Mat Mental Game

Flat Mat Mental Game

Improve your focus and build your mental strength. (Plus, sleep better!)

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Flat Mat Yoga Video Pack

Five yoga videos to fill all your derby needs: better balance, stronger core, happier hips, stable shoulders, and a good all-around stretch.

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Flat Mat Minimum Skills

Yoga basics for derby basics! Build your yoga practice using movements and shapes that directly translate to the track. Whether you’re working on passing WFTDA minimum skills, or want to start doing yoga to improve your stride and overall performance, there’s something in here for you. Starts April 3, 2017.

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30 Days of Gratitude

Sometimes things can feel really shitty. Join me from November 1-30, 2017, for daily gratitude prompts, a super awesome and supportive community, and short, fun weekly meditation and yoga practices that’ll help you feel better and kick more ass. Registration will open again in October 2017.

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