Episode 2 - Kristen Lee

Episode 2: Kristen Lee
Air date: February 11, 2016

In the second episode of Flat Mat Radio, Kickit talks with Kristen Lee of the London Roller Girls about #derbybaby, how she’s dealt with her “nine month injury”, and how it felt to watch LRG at WFTDA champs while sitting on the sidelines.

Kitty has been playing derby since 2006 with London Rollergirls, Victorian Roller Derby League, and back with London since late 2012. She is a skater with London Brawling, LRG coach and freelance coach, owner of Double Threat Skates, and now less than 2 months before having a baby!

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What Happened When

  • 1:20 The backstory: How Kristin got started in derby and why she stayed. Right. Kristen, Kitty, whatever your name is now, this is the thing that you are gonna stick with.
  • 3:00 #derbybaby and the search for other pregnant skaters. In a way I kind of stopped looking, because I just started to get a bit depressed at how many didn’t come back.
  • 6:10 Being pregnant as an athlete and how to stay fit. I don’t think you understand, I’m a competitive athlete. Find some of Kitty’s pregnancy workout specifics starting at 8:30, and three (two, really) cheers for yoga at 10:30. Kickit recalls a pregnant student from a Vinyasa Flow class: Two days before her due-date, she did almost everything because she’s active, and she knows her body, and most of the stuff she couldn’t do was because her belly was in the way.
  • 12:30 Being benched for championships, including and beyond I spent a lot of time crying. By myself.
  • 15:10 Keeping your mind in the game during injury. Kitty discusses staying busy, involved, and relevant… By hanging out like a bad smell as the skater that stubbornly refuses to go away.
  • 19:00 Pondering post-pregnancy, including hope for body independence, and perspectives on time management and the futility of stressing out in advance.
  • 21:35 Quick thoughts on a decade of derby. Kitty’s still here and still inspired and still loving it.

More About… Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee is Kitty #7 . She started skating with London Rollergirls in 2006, skated with the Victorian Roller Derby League for a few seasons, and has been back with LRG as a skater and coach since 2012. She owns Double Threat Skates and in September of 2015 revealed that the “rib injury” keeping her off skates was actually a tiny human growing inside of her.

More About… Lemony Kickit

Kickit is Kat Selvocki, an ex-Gotham skater and the owner and sole yoga teacher at Flat Mat YogaShe likes butts, anatomy, and helping people get out of pain. (Well, in yoga classes, anyway.) In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, you’ll often find her skating, running, and snuggling with her pitbull.

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