3 January 2016 Kat Selvocki

yogastrong derbystrong challenge: day 7

2016-01-02 08.10.26


Props: two blocks or books (optional)

  1. Start on forearms and knees, and give your upper arms a hug to find shoulder-width apart. Place your hands back down and interlace your fingers.
  2. Press down with hands and forearms and take a few rounds of cow/cat (arch and round your spine). Try to feel the muscles below your armpits working as you round.
  3. From cat pose (rounded spine), tuck your toes and lift knees off the floor for dolphin.

Alternative: Keep knees on the floor and only work upper back and shoulders, OR lift knees but step feet wider apart and keep knees bent.

Badass challenge: Have palms flat on the floor with forearms shoulder-width apart. Alternately lift legs.

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