You and your teammates have been groaning after practice about being sore. Your hips are taking a beating; your back aches and nothing helps. And let’s not get started on your legs… While I can’t help with the bruising, I can teach you how to move the right muscles, the right way, so tomorrow you’ll be more ready to get back on your skates and play hard again.

Derby-specific yoga can be a great cross-training option to increase strength, flexibility, and focus–or it can be a way to stretch so your league isn’t so sore and stiff! I’ve got a range of sequences planned, and I can also plan a custom class just for your league.

How to Schedule

  1. Decide which class you want and pick out a few dates that work for your league.
  2. Fill out the team training application located at the bottom of this page.
  3. You’ll get an email back from me to discuss date, time, and any other details.
  4. My rate is $125/hour for 5-25 people, and an additional $5/person after that. My fee does not include space rental (if necessary) or travel fees (if you are a flight away). I take cash, check, and cards, either from the league or individuals.

Flat Mat Class Options

  • Balancing Act (1-2 hours)
    Want to be the last person standing on the track? The right muscles and a better sense of proprioception can help you stay on your skates. Get ready to: learn how to use your feet, legs, and core; play with balancing on your feet (and maybe your hands!); and have fun experimenting with your sixth sense!
  • Did Someone Say Core Strength? (1 hour)
    Want better balance on your skates–or maybe just the ability to hold plank longer than anyone else in your league? On and off the track, the core muscles–from your abs, to your lower back, to hips and even your derby butt–help keep your whole body stable. Learn how to build strength in ways that are more fun and more effective than traditional sit-ups through a mix of standing and seated play. Note: washboard abs are NOT required.
  • Fab Form (2 hours)
    If you’ve ever wondered “am I doing it right?”, this is the class for you! In this slow paced yoga class, you’ll learn and practice correct form for common yoga poses, and talk about the “why” of alignment–as well as how to adapt poses for your individual body. Avoid injuring yourself through improper training form, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your strengthening and stretching efforts!
  • Hip Check (1-2 hours)
    Are you constantly trying to stretch your hips–or avoiding it? It might be time for a hip check! First, learn some fun facts about the muscles that surround your pelvis and make up your sweet derby hips. After that, stretch and strengthen those muscle groups to create better balance and mobility in your body. Your derby-abused hips will thank you!
  • Meditation for People Who (Think They) Hate Meditating (1-1.5 hours) 
    Think sitting still to meditate sounds like torture? Luckily, there are a lot more ways to meditate than just sitting in a kind of uncomfortable position, and you’ll learn 5-10 fun and different techniques in this class. Studies show that among other things, meditation improves focus and endurance and lowers stress and anxiety, which makes it an awesome tool for athletes as you prep for your next bout.
  • Minimum Skills (1.5-2 hours)
    Maybe you’ve wanted to try yoga but have been intimidated by your local studio. Maybe you’ve been doing videos online and want a yoga teacher there to check your form. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while but want a refresher on the basics. Whatever your reason for seeking an approachable yoga practice, this is the place to be! Consider this Yoga 101: you’ll learn many of the typical poses that appear in yoga classes, accompanied by an all-inclusive and unpretentious vibe.
  • Shoulder Check (1-2 hours)
    Raise your hand–hopefully without pain–if you or someone you know has dealt with a derby-related shoulder injury. The shoulder joints are some of the most injury-prone in the body, especially if they’re taking hits. Learn how to strengthen the surrounding muscles to help prevent tears, dislocations, and separations.
  • Stretch. It. Out. (1-2 hours)
    Skating without stretching is like practicing without wearing proper equipment: it’s only a matter of time until you get injured. Learn how to increase flexibility and begin to correct imbalances in the most used and abused muscles and tissues in a skater’s body.

Team Training Application

Team I’ve Coached

  • Albany All-Stars Roller Derby
  • Cape Cod Roller Derby
  • Carolina Rollergirls
  • DC Rollergirls
  • Philly Roller Derby
  • Rat City Rollergirls
  • Rat City Rollergirls All-Stars
  • Rose City Rollers’ Heartless Heathers
  • Rose City Wreckers
  • Southshire Roller Derby