31 May 2014 Kat Selvocki

Roller Derby and Yoga

Kat Selvocki doing reverse warrior

I started practicing yoga regularly after I quit playing roller derby.

I was an athlete. I am an athlete. And I approached yoga the same way. (Hell, sometimes I still do.) Trying to do all of the poses, the “right” way, all of the time meant that I got hurt. Going as far as I could into every pose, every time, also meant that any parts of my body that were uneven stayed that way–hips, I’m looking at you and the effects of several years of holding the line and crossing right leg over left for countless hours.

I want something different for you.

Yoga can be a really amazing addition to your practice schedule. But if you’re dropping into pigeon pose all the time, or stretching your hamstrings and never your quads, or talking about back pain but not getting specific about where it is and why, yoga isn’t going to help. And the last thing you want is for yoga and stretching to be the thing that keeps you from playing a bout!

I want to teach you how to start correcting the imbalances in your body. To learn how to modify poses so that they make sense for you and not a contortionist. To talk to you about alignment so that you know how to move through poses safely. I want your practice to feel good, and to enhance your ability to move on the track.

That’s why I teach yoga.

Sure, it’s pretty rad to be able to show off how I can balance on my hands–and I can teach you to do cool yoga tricks, too! Mainly, though, I want you to feel great in your body on and off the track.

I’ve got a few upcoming series planned for the blog, which will include videos, tips for poses, and some short sequences. And if you’ve got questions, ask! You’re probably not the only one, and I want this to be a training resource for you, in addition to the coaching I’m already offering.

Whatever you want to call it–yoga for roller derby, roller derby yoga, yoga derby–it’s time to get on the mat.

Photo by Hannah D Photography.

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