5 November 2015 Kat Selvocki

Low Back Rehab

You’ve started strengthening your low back. (I hope!) Next up: how to stretch those muscles. It’s nothing too aggressive–that’s not my style–but it can definitely help with some low back rehab.

Here’s the thing about getting rid of pain, which you probably already know if you’ve been through PT: it takes time. It’s about slow movements, undoing your old patterns, and learning how to use your muscles in a different way. What you see in the video below might not look like much (seriously), but once you play with it, you’ll get some sweet little low back stretches that’ll feel awesome after three hours of practice.

Sounds pretty good, right?

One move that’ll help with getting the low abdominal action for this stretch is right here on the blog. If you haven’t already checked that out, you’ll love the strengthening and stability that you’ll gain from it!