Episode 25: Demanda Riot
Air date: November 18, 2016

Episode 25 of Flat Mat Radio features the one and only Demanda Riot! Caution, there’s swearing. Demanda talks with Kickit the broken ankle she sustained in early 2016, the process of recovery, and returning to skating after a break. Tune in to hear her experience and her physical and mental tips for coming back to the track after an injury.

Part blocker and part warrior, B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls’ own Demanda Riot instills fear in – and inspires – all who oppose her on the track. Sporting fierce blocking skills, Demanda has made a name for herself in the roller derby world as a skater who embodies the extreme attitude, commitment, and athleticism of the sport.


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What Happened When

  • 2:45 Miss E Vil, Demanda’s sister, was the skater in the family until… It’s roller derby, it kind of grabs you, right?
  • 3:45 I got on craigslist and I found a pair of roller skates.
  • 6:00 There was derby! It was great! And then there was an in-bout banked-track ankle-break while skating with the Rejects at Jamtastic. Oops.
  • 7:15 Aww dude, I must have spiral fractured both bones in my leg, the whole thing is fucked. I mean, look at the goddamn picture, my foot’s on goddamn backward!
  • 10:30 Demanda discusses how important (and exhausting) it was to stay involved with the team during her recovery. I’m going to go to practice and sit there! And then I’m going to go home and sleep, ‘cause I’m tired.
  • 12:00 How after ten years of derby you pretty much expect to have some kind of major injury, and learning from friends’ injuries. Aww fuck, my turn. There goes my plans for the year.
  • 12:50 Staying connected while sidelined: Mental practice is absolutely important, and can be just as important as physically practicing.
  • 18:50 This year coulda sucked a whole lot more, and Demanda’s top tips for the healing process.
  • 21:00 Additional forms of healing, like acupuncture and deep tissue massage. He finds the spot that hurts the most and that’s where you’re gonna hang out.
  • 23:35 Self-awareness in how to return to the track. I’m not gonna hit the track and, you know “Just go 50%!” I’m more of a light switch than a rheostat; it’s on or it’s off, there’s not really an in-between.” Also, the unique experience of getting back on skates at Rollercon.
  • 26:15 Mental game of recovery: Roller derby will be there. Heal yourself, get strong, then get back on skates.
  • 26:55 Embracing mediocrity and curiosity instead of beating yourself up. Kickit comes at it with What’s today gonna be like, what’s today’s adventure?
  • 27:25 Demanda gets profound regarding healing and expectations. [Really, If you can’t listen to anything else, at least listen to these last few minutes.] The disappointment and the expectations are only set on by myself.
  • 29:20 How Demanda’s injury ultimately made her a better skater.

More About…  Demanda Riot

Demanda Riot left Seattle soon after not being recruited by Rat City, and that’s a major loss for Washington. For the past 10 years she has lived and biked in Oakland and skated with Bay Area Derby. Demanda appreciates the “make it happen” independence of Derby and is celebrating being back on skates with some new perspective from being sidelined for a season.

More about… Lemony Kickit

Kickit is Kat Selvocki, an ex-Gotham skater and the owner and sole yoga teacher at Flat Mat Yoga. She likes butts, anatomy, and helping people get out of pain. (Well, in yoga classes, anyway.) In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, you’ll often find her skating, running, and snuggling with her pitbull.