EpisodeĀ 24: Juke Boxx
Air date: October 28, 2016

In Episode 24 of Flat Mat Radio, Kickit welcomes Team USA and London Rollergirls skater Juke Boxx to the show! There’s lots of talk about body awareness, footwork (and how it’s not only about your feet), and breaking down apex jumps.

A lifelong skater and rink rat, Juke Boxx is a captain/skater with London Rollergirls, London Brawling (ranked #3 in the world). A Team USA member since 2011, Juke has travelled around the world as both an athlete and a coach. She is extremely enthusiastic about this complex game of roller derby and will talk about it for hours if you let her. She has a very distinct style of skating and brings that to her coaching. It is very technical, while being encouraging and warm. This combo will help open your eyes to a new level of learning and awareness in your skating.

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