Episode 23: Em Dash
Air date: October 11, 2016

In Episode 23, Kickit chats with longtime Gotham skater Em Dash about why mental game is so important, and how it’s helped her stay in derby for the past nine years. They also discuss how there are often different versions of the same story, and Em Dash dishes about her new Kickstarter project: a roller derby coloring book!

Em Dash has been skating for Gotham Girls Roller Derby for nine years, including four seasons with the WFTDA-champion Gotham All Stars. She has co-captained Manhattan Mayhem and the Wall $treet Traitors, and is a Gotham coach. She is the author of Derby Life: A Crash Course in the Incredible Sport of Roller Derby, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Derbylife.com. She has also written for Derby News Network, fiveonfive magazine, and Derby Central. You can score a copy of her book at Gutpunch Press, and get $2 off with code FLATMAT

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