Episode 22: Tiggz
Air date: October 3, 2016

In Episode 22 of Flat Mat Radio, Kickit chats with Tiggz from Rose City Rollers about what it’s like skating with a chronic illness. Whether you’ve got one, have a teammate who does, or don’t really know much about chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases, there’s some awesome info in this ep about all the things that it’s possible to overcome, and why derby is really fucking rad.

Tiggz grew up reading books and not playing sports, so she knows that roller derby is REALLY REALLY HARD. She loves to talk to other people about their difficulties in playing derby, especially if they have a chronic illness. She began skating in Los Angeles in 2010, as a member of Angel City Derby Girls, Ventura County Derby Darlins and SFV Roller Derby, before moving to Portland in 2015 to join the Rose City Rollers. Aside from derby, Tiggz also loves hockey, dachshunds and telling people they too can have perfect eyebrows, if they’d just believe.

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