Episode 12 - Artoo

Episode 12: Artoo
Air date: June 9, 2016

Flat Mat Radio is back for Season 2! Tune into this interview with Artoo Detoonate of Providence Roller Derby and Roller Derby Junkies to hear about why you should be watching more footage and *how* to watch footage. She’s got some rad tips as a skater and coach for anyone getting started, too!

Artoo started with BAD’s Rec team in 2012 and transferred to Boston that fall. She played with the Cosmonaughties and Boston all-stars until 2016. Now, she’s with Providence Roller Derby’s Riveters and Old Money Honeys! She began coaching in 2013 for Boston, and in 2014 for Mass Men’s Roller Derby. Artoo also accidentally started a roller derby gif empire in 2014 after watching WFTDA champs and wanting to illustrate star passing strategies for Boston.

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