Hate waiting until July to get your skate and yoga on at RollerCon? Now you can take five of my popular yoga for roller derby classes at home!

Preview clips of all the videos below and get your derby yoga on.

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Hip Check

Are you constantly trying to stretch your hips–or avoiding it? It might be time for a hip check! First, learn some fun facts about the muscles that surround your pelvis and make up your sweet derby hips. After that, stretch and strengthen those muscle groups to create better balance and mobility in your body. Your derby-abused hips will thank you!

Flat Mat Video quote Kitty

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Find Your Power

Want better balance and stability on your skates–or maybe just the ability to hold plank longer than anyone else in your league? Six-pack abs don’t equal a strong core, and this class will prove it with a mix of standing and seated yoga poses focused on finding the muscles that matter. Come ready to get your ass kicked–yes, by a yoga class!–and learn some fun and effective ways to build core strength and stability.

Flat Mat Video quote Artoo

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Balancing Act

Want to be the last person standing on the track? The right muscles and a better sense of proprioception can help you stay on your skates. Get ready to: learn how to use your feet, legs, and core; play with balancing on your feet; and have fun experimenting with your sixth sense!

Flat Mat Video quote Punkerella

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Shoulder Check

Raise your hand–hopefully without pain–if you or someone you know has dealt with a derby-related shoulder injury. The shoulder joints are some of the most injury-prone in the body, especially if they’re taking hits. Learn how to strengthen the surrounding muscles to help prevent tears, dislocations, and separations.

Flat Mat Video quote Varla

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Stretch It Out

Skating without stretching is like practicing without wearing proper equipment: it’s only a matter of time until you get injured. Learn how to increase mobility and begin to correct imbalances in the most used and abused muscles and tissues in a skater’s body.

Flat Mat Video quote Toxxsinn

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